Friday, 15 December 2017

Your Weekend Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, We had a real mix of weather today, cloud, sun and rain. Visited Some In- Laws this morning, and a few jobs in the garage pm. Now it's time to prepare your weekend humour rations!

He hated having his picture taken at pre-school, 
25 years later it's still on his Mum's wall!

More of my favourite things!

Believe it or not there is a website for this!!!

Hot News! Giant attacks the Louvre Pyramid!

Since he was a pup he has tried to get up there
at 11 years old he just succeeded!

The Dragon river in Portugal

If it's not Yorkshire - it's shite!

 Thanks Derek!

Let's go for a bike ride they said......it'll be fun they said!

Christmas is coming!

Thanks Jamie!

I think that you're in the wrong city sunshine!!!

When they x rayed this Buddha - they found a mummified monk inside!

The IT department's attempt at Christmas decorations!

If you're a boozer........

Thanks Robert!

Down to earth matey!

Seen in a Turkish clothes shop  zzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

It was ugly sweater day..... here's her attempt!

That is an evil grin!

Gloria's Jokes
Thanks Gloria!

Nobody likes a smartass!

He wasn't expecting that!

Harwich Weather for Saturday

Early frost will lift, then mainly dry with sunny spells. Feeling cold in brisk North-Westerly winds. Then frosty overnight with patchy freezing fog forming.
Maximum temperature: 4 deg C 
Wind: North-West 9 mph, gusting 18 mph
Thanks Essexweather.com

Weather Underground PWS IHARWICH4

Thanks for calling by!



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