Monday, 26 February 2018

Monday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, It's getting colder, snow flurries at times, more forecast. Apart from a quick dog walk we stayed in. Now it is time once again for me to try my best to entertain - enjoy!

Please watch till the end!!!

Thanks Derek!

Give 'em a call!

Perfect place for their Alexa!

This guy on the phone for 10 minutes with his flashlight on!

Heavy snowfall last night!

Said by the poor old cleaner!

There is a certain amount of truth in this!

Epic weirdness!

Groot Cosplay!

Meet Humphrey, who has been adopted,
he failed sheep dog training because he just wanted to be friends with the sheep!

It says, his last job, topping up the blue lights on his last day as an intern!

Thanks Klaus!

Inside a Leatherback turtle's mouth....
glad I'm not his dentist!!!

Amazing bedroom floor!

I say put the donkey on the ass!

Thanks Rui!

This is Tombi, he attends school every day in Turkey!

A bit of an exaggeration................but!

Little Wonder Woman in her invisible jet!

Maybe the Simpsons got it right years ago!

John's Joke
Thanks John!

There's stupid and then..........

Girlie girls!

Harwich Weather for Tuesday

Further snow showers through the day, locally persistent once more in Southern and Eastern districts. Some bright or sunny intervals are likely but feeling bitterly cold in the increasing Easterly breeze.
Snowfall Risk: 90% | Snowfall Accumulation: 5-8cm
Maximum temperature: 0 deg C 
Wind: North-East 9 mph, gusting 17 mph
Thanks Essexweather.com

My Weather Station Live

Weather Underground PWS IHARWICH4

Snow as seen by my infra red camera

Thanks for your continuing support!



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