Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Tuesday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, I hope that your week has started well, I wasn't so busy today, Goddess was painting a table so I kept a low profile...all the more time to dig up more hopefully amusing stuff..

The Tour de France is coming up - how would you like to be amongst this lot?

How about Led Zeppelin - on a Dulcimer?

More silliness - The Flour Prank

A question of perspective...


50's idea of a space age car

In desperation - necessity is the mother etc...

Is this the way to the Thunderdome?
(You have to be old to understand this)...

Promises promises


Dave - is that you - Dave?

Surfing fail


Must be in the South somewhere!

Happy happeeee!

Joke Central

Bill's Joke

Dick's Joke

Derek's Joke 1

Derek's Joke 2
Thanks Chaps!

Lithuanian Joke

The shopkeeper took the customer to the Cleaning products section. As usual he was chatting away as they do…”What do you give a woman who wants to clean the floor? – Ariel !”
Well good, “And what do you give a woman who wants to wash clothes? – Ariel”
Well “What do you give a woman who is menstruating? “   Hmmm! What?  “Ariel of course, you can’t shag so she might as well have some work to do! “

Thanks Rita!

The lyrics are risque, but I was surprised at the cool singing!

Harwich Weather for Wednesday

A bright and warm day with occasional spells of sunshine, especially during the afternoon and evening. Isolated showers are possible later, but the majority of places will remain dry. Maximum temperature 17 degrees Celsius.
Rainfall Risk: 5 % | Rainfall Amount: 0 mm | Sunrise: 4.41 am
Pollen and Spore Level: 5 (Moderate) | UV Level: 5 (Moderate) | Pollution Level: 1 (Low)
 Thanks to Essexweather.com!

Hooray! Thanks to you we just passed 79,000 hits!



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