Monday, 31 August 2015

Sunday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, It was a Bank Hoilday in England today. That means that true to form it rained all day! We had a special time, Son and Daughter in law came to lunch, and a good time was had by all. Now that they have returned home I can dig around and find just a bit more pictorial fun - just for you!

Old Joke, new theme

Baby tastes lemon for the first time


I see some irony here!

I don't care what it says! Get me a headline!!!

Bear "You will not touch the dog"!

In Berlin there is a group of statues of Parliamentarians discussing global warming

Hmm! Wanna chill?

I don't think I would look so pleased!

This is the only photo that he sent home during his driving holiday.....

This is a Google autonomous streetview car, like the hub trims!

The birds are even sh*tting portraits!

Love this, a mobility scooter styled as a VW Camper!

Thanks Mags!

Low standards

How serious?

Do you think that anyone has told her yet?

A missile breaks the sound barrier

The ageing process.........we never believe it's happening to us!

Thanks Susi!

Now that's what I call Marketing!

Mom doesn't mind!

Thanks Arthur!

Harwich Weather for Tuesday

A generally dry day with plenty of sunny spells for most, although the odd heavy shower is possible during the morning. Feeling pleasant in the sunshine and light North-Westerly winds. Maximum temperature 19 degrees Celsius.
Chance of Rain: 40 % | Rainfall Amount: 0-1 mm
Pollen Level: 1 (Low) | UV Level: 5 (Moderate)
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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Sunday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, It was a lazy day in our house today, not much achieved. I messed around with a new boot disk, and it didn't work, so I have now turned my attention to pictorial fun, just for you!

This is an oldie, but I love the put down - so to speak!

Mechanical music - if you like Honkey Tonk!

Thanks Barbara!


Nasty looking individual! -Never fear - he's a picture on a bus!!!

She danced around for several minutes - then he saw the label on the box!

This garden centre set this up - Ah! it's the Cookie Monster!

Thought you wouldn't be seen matey - sunbathing on top of a wind turbine!

My dear wife hates these two!


Thanks Derek!

I am watching you...............Grasshopper!

Really? Someone actually printed this?

Love the sarcasm!

How about a Pathological Murdering pen top!

Doesn't he look pleased with himself!

Thanks Susi!

How about a Pizza cone!

Thanks Susi 2!

This happens when you hit a jelly with a tennis raquet!

Whose church is it then?

Thanks Chaps!

The Services having some fun - all in aid of charity!

How green is this? - An electric surfboard!

Thanks Mags!

Harwich Weather for Bank Holiday Monday

Bloomin Typical!

Cloudy with outbreaks of rain, often heavy and accompanied by thunder through the morning and into the afternoon. Some late brightness is possible. Strengthening North-Easterly winds. Maximum temperature 19 degrees Celsius.
Chance of Rain: 99 % | Rainfall Amount: 11-16 mm
Pollen Level: 1 (Low) | UV Level: 2 (Low)
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Saturday, 29 August 2015

Saturday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, It was a pottering sort of day today, warm sun gentle breeze, did some outside cleaning,also fiddling around with my media server, and now I will do my best to find some more mirth, especially for you!

This guy has an unique form of transportation!

I am not too keen on octopi, but this little chap is - well, cute!


Happens to me with my Kindle - often!

If you ask for a choclate mousse in Alaska, this is what you get!

Pointless but jolly!

An idea........would they take any notice????

Thanks Mags!

I try too!

Thanks Susi!

Seagull Photobombs the Red Arrows!

Thanks Mags again!

Destroyed their own argument - methinks!

Love this $ 79.00 to install a micro SD card!

Thanks Martin!

His Daughter made this!
Might come from Oz

Yet another First World problem!
Happens to us too! - I continue to forget most of the time though!

Thanks Arthur!

Thought this was amazing!

Thanks Geoff!

Shall we have a creepy barbi?

Harwich Weather for Sunday

Cloudy at first and it will feel rather humid. Sunny intervals will then develop by the afternoon with heavy, thundery showers likely to move in from the South later. Maximum temperature 21 degrees Celsius.
Chance of Rain: 40 % | Rainfall Amount: 1-4 mm
Pollen Level: 2 (Low) | UV Level: 3 (Moderate)
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Friday, 28 August 2015

Weekend Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, Another busy day in sunny - yes I did say sunny Harwich, in between, gardening, a bit of computer virus hunting, and helping an elderly neighbour to move funiture around, the day has passed really quickly! Now it is time yet again to do my best to entertain. Thanks to you we just passed 142,000 hits on the blog!

I don't know where this is, but I know that they often launch ships in this way in Holland

Hey - boogie on down Mr Pampers!

Thanks Klaus!


This shows that Samsung use Torrents! - Ha Ha!

One of Her Majesties' loyal subjects!

Did you know.... that in Germany they call Thousand Island dressing - 
American Sauce!

Yes - you Man Up!

Thanks Mags!

He likes Fido so much that......The sun shone out of.........

This is fun! The Story telling chair.
Not a new idea, but a good one!

I in my naivity had never heard of these terms...

Moi? Fou?

Thanks Robert!

This is neat, a floor made to look like molten lava!

Tee Hee, This Google Streetmap car, stupidly found itself at the Tomatina in Spain!

Oh! Yes! He's wearing it well!

Thanks Chaps!

Faux Bee Gees - watch the teeth!

I found this interesting - A timeline of the spread of World religions

Thanks Martin!

Harwich Weather for Saturday

It will be a bright start to the weekend with plenty of sunshine and staying mostly dry. By evening, cloud will start to push in from the South with patchy rain. Feeling quite pleasant in light South-Westerly winds. Maximum temperature 20 degrees Celsius.
Chance of Rain: 25 % | Rainfall Amount: 0-1 mm
Pollen Level: 3 (Moderate) | UV Level: 4 (Moderate)
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