Saturday, 14 September 2019

Saturday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, Another lovely day! Sun, but not too hot. Visited the supermarket, and pottered in the garden, PM had an panic call from a lady next door who was cleaning prior  to our new neighbours moving in tomorrow. The cistern was making an unusual ghostly moaning noise. It turned out to be a sticky ball valve, and after some vigorous waggling, it quietened down! I am publishing early, as we have family coming in for dinner. Hoping that you enjoy this episode!

She's enjoying her $2 worth!

Sandi's early life.....

There was a report of a child smoking at the game - turned out to be a 30 year old Turkish man!

Rock and hard place!

Plenty of 'em around!

No it's a bough!


This was actually in the news here yesterday!

He knows his place!

Thanks Geoff!

Removed herself from the gene pool!

Thanks Jamie!

The Green eyed monster!

We always do this - no accolades for us!

New American Gothic!

From the Land of Giants!

Thanks Robert!

Valid, but with humour!

Thanks Susi!


Thanks again Susi!

There is a Mazda Tribute.....

Doesn't she look like Jo Swinson laughing at Boris and Jeremy!

Morning to you too!

Harwich Weather for Sunday

Early mist and fog patches soon clearing, leading to a dry day and long spells of sunshine. Feeling warm in the sunshine with temperatures a little up compared to recent days.

Maximum temperature: 22 deg C
Wind: East 8 mph, gusting 14 mph
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Thursday, 12 September 2019

Thursday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, It was another warm sunny day, but rather windy. I worked on the boat am, and pm met our old neighbours leaving and our new neighbours arriving. Then had a call that our 94 year old neighbour had a fall, so we went over, she's OK but a bit shaken. Now for more fun stuff, just for you!

They do this every day - perhaps the sun has
 something to do with it!

The Fab 4 as you never saw them before!

Thanks Klaus!

Clever marketing!

The bride beating the grooms 15 minutes before the wedding!!??

Yes it end for ended and landed on a house!

It's the same for most cities these days!

Well Helloooooo!

Good for you lovie!!!

Thanks John M!

At the airport there was a quiet voice, this Dad is reading "Lord of the Rings" to his kids

Ah! That's the answer!

Thanks Robert!

I don't think that he's very bothered about that!!!

Cosplay Ruby Roundhouse from Jumanji!

Look and weep Donald!

I'll bet that he won't ask her to pick him up from the airport again!

They always find something different to do!

Thanks again Klaus!


Hope you don't need the loo in a hurry!

Harwich Weather for Friday

Any remaining cloud and patchy light rain clearing during the morning to leave the rest of the day dry with plenty of sunshine and light winds.

Maximum temperature: 19 deg C
Wind: South-West 9 mph, gusting 17 mph
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Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Midweek Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, It was a changeable day in Harwich. A bit of rain, a bit of sun and quite a lot of wind. 
Not so very much was achieved today, apart from a few household jobs. Now once again I have scoured the nether regions for more fun material just for you!

Sh*t happens!

These chaps are so cool!

Thanks Klaus!

Taking a panoramic shot more often than not goes wrong!

How to make your architect weep!

Oh! Yes - the crooked tie!

Being OCD I understand!

Just love this!!!

They do this!

He didn't know she was Gladys!

How very Canadian!

After storm Dorian has passed he went to the beach and found these!

Hans-Peter 47, accused of Sanadalism!

Thanks Klaus!

Robot Jellyfish!

Typical Millennial Interpretation!

Boom Boom!

Thanks Robert!

Their daughter had a tantrum and hid under this cushion - how appropriate!

A likely tale - but can I join???

More people falling down!

Thanks again Klaus!

Thanks yet again Klaus!

Harwich Weather for Thursday

A fine start with sunny spells, but soon turning cloudier. It will stay dry however, although turning breezy. Feeling rather warm, especially in any sunshine.
Maximum temperature: 23 deg C

Wind: South-West 16 mph, gusting 28 mph
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